Growth Chart Installation

Hello! We hope you enjoy your handmade growth chart from Half Pint Ink! We are the designers of the original engraved wooden ruler growth chart! Our unique hand crafted oversized wooden rulers are a stylish way to add a child’s growth chart to your home décor. Unlike other competitors that use vinyl stickers or paint to mark the number and inch lines, we have engraved the numbers and inch marks into the wood. Perfect in a kitchen, family room or mudroom.

Materials needed:
-3 screws or 3 toggle bolts (not included)


  • Decide where you would like to hang your growth chart and determine if there is a stud in the wall. You can do this with a stud finder; they are available at your local hardware store.

  • If the area where you would like to hang the chart has a stud, you may just screw into the wall directly. We recommend a black drywall screw. You can find the screw holes at the end of the 2’, 4’ and 6’ marks.

  • If the area you would like to hang the chart does not have a stud, we highly suggest using a toggle bolt to attach the growth chart securely instead of drywall screws.

  • Measure the area you would like to mount the chart to 6’. This will be the location of the screw located at the 6’ mark. Mark the location and attach the chart to that area.

  • Use the level to make sure the ruler is straight and secure the chart on the remaining 2’ and 4’ marks.
    Marking the chart:


We suggest using a thin sharpie marker on the chart. Black, white, gold or silver metallic show up nicely. You can also use vinyl stickers to mark the heights.

Our accomplishments:
Half Pint Ink was selected by Martha Stewart and her panel of judges as a finalist in the 2014 & 2015 Martha Stewart American Made awards! Martha Stewart’s American Made is a nationally recognized awards program that celebrates new rising stars of the growing nationwide maker community who have turned their passions for handcrafted, well-‐designed goods into small businesses and proudly make their products in america. We couldn’t have been more honored!

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