best growth chart
best growth chart
best growth chart
best growth chart
best growth chart

Engraved Growth Chart : Carbon Gray

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Our hand crafted wooden ruler growth charts are fully engraved and made to order. We offer several stain and paint options to match your home decor. Each piece is created from premium solid pine to withstand years of use and be a treasured heirloom for your growing family. They are the perfect gift for a baby shower, first birthday, adoption, housewarming or Christmas. Especially convenient for the family that moves around frequently. Easily installed and removed - don’t leave the memories behind on a door jamb!

• 3/4 (.75) inch thick.
• 5 1/2 (5.5), 7 1/4 (7.25) or 9 1/4 (9.25) inches wide.
• Measures from 12 inches (1 foot) and ends at 84 inches (7 feet).
• Total length of the growth chart is 72 inches (6 feet).

• Fully engraved numbers, and inch marks.
• Stains available: red mahogany, classic gray, golden oak, carbon gray, ebony & dark walnut.
• Mark heights with any permanent marker or vinyl labels.
• Centers on standard 8 foot wall for an appealing aesthetic.
• Mounting holes are incorporated into the design, and easy instructions included.

**Hardware is not included unless specified**

As with everything in nature, no two pieces of wood are alike. We use the same process with each chart, but there are slight variations in color and markings for every item.

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